Nackles – The Story (Page 4)

Who Is Nackles?

Who is Nackles?  Nackles is to Santa Claus what Satan is to God, what Ahriman is to Ahura Mazda, what the North Wind is to the South Wind.  Nackles is the new Evil.

I think Frank really enjoyed creating Nackles; he gave him so much thought to the details of him.  According to Frank, and as I remember it, this is Nackles:

Very very tall and very very thin.  Dressed all in black, with a gaunt gray face and deep black eyes.  He travels through an intricate series of tunnels under the earth, in a black chariot on rails, pulled by an octet of dead-white goats.

Nackles and His Dead White Goats

And what does Nackles do?  Nackles lives on the flesh of little boys and girls.  (This is what Frank was telling his children; can you believe it?)  Nackles roams back and forth under the earth, in his dark tunnels darker than subway tunnels, pulled by the eight dead-white goats, and he searches for little boys and girls to stuff into his big black sack and carry away and eat.  But Santa Claus won’t let him have good boys and girls.  Santa Claus is stronger than Nackles, and keeps a protective shield around little children, so Nackles can’t get at them.

But when little children are bad, it hurts Santa Claus, and weakens the shield Santa Claus has placed around them, and if they keep on being bad pretty soon there’s no shield left at all, and on Christmas Eve instead of Santa Claus coming down out of the sky with his bag of presents Nackles comes up out of the ground with his bag of emptiness, and stuffs the bad children in, and whisks them away to his dark tunnels and the eight dead-white goats.

Frank was proud of his invention, actually proud of it.  He not only used Nackles to threaten his children every time they had the temerity to come within range of his vision, he also spread the story around to others.  He told me, and his neighbors, and people in bars, and people he went to see in his job as an insurance salesman.  I don’t know how many people he told about Nackles, though I would guess it was well over a hundred.  And there’s more than one Frank in this world; he told me from time to time of a client or neighbor or bar-crony who had heard the story of Nackles and then said, “By God, that’s great.  That’s what I’ve been needing, to keep my brats in line.”

Thus Nackles was created, and this Nackles was promulgated.  And would any of the unfortunate children this introduced to Nackles believe in this Evil Being any less than they believed in Santa Claus?  Of course not.

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