Nackles – The Story (Page 5)

Nackles Lay Dormant

This all happened, as I say, last Christmastime.  Frank invented Nackles, used him to further intimidate his already-intimidated children, and spread the story of him to everyone he met.  On Christmas Day last year I’m sure there was more than one child in this town who was relieved and somewhat surprised to awaken the same as usual, in his own trundle bed, and to find the presents downstairs beneath the tree, proving that Nackles had been kept away yet another year.

Nackles lay dormant, so far as Frank was concerned, from December 25th of last year until this October.  Then, with the sights and sounds go Christmas again in the land, back came Nackles, as fresh and vicious as ever.  “Don’t expect me to stop him!” Frank would shout.  “When he comes up out of the ground the night before Christmas to carry you away in his bag, don’t expect any help from me!”

It was worse this year than last.  Frank wasn’t doing as well financially as he’d expected, and then early in November Susie discovered she was pregnant again, and what with one thing and another Frank was headed for a real peak of ill-temper.  He screamed at the children constantly, and the name of Nackles was never far from his tongue.

Susie did what she could to counteract Frank’s bad influence, but he wouldn’t let her do much.  All through November and December he was home more and more of the time, because the Christmas season is the wrong time to sell insurance anyway and also because he was hating the job more every day and this giving it less of his time.  The more he hated the job, the worse his temper became, and the more he drank, and the worse his limp got, and the louder were his shouts, and the more violent his references to Nackles.  It just built and built and built, and reached its crescendo on Christmas Eve, when some small or imagined infraction of one of the Children – Stewart, I think – resulted in Frank’s pulling all of the Christmas presents from all the closets and stowing them all in the car to be taken back to the stores, because this Christmas for sure it wouldn’t be Santa Claus who would be visiting the house, it would be Nackles.

By the time Susie got the children to bed, everyone in the house was a nervous wreck.  The children were too frightened to sleep, and Susie was too unnerved herself to be of much help in soothing them.  Frank who had taken to drinking at home lately, had locked himself in the bedroom with a bottle.

Hiding from Nackles

It was nearly eleven o’clock before Susie got the children all quieted down, and then she went out to the car and brought all the presents back in and arranged them under the tree.  Then, not wanting to see or hear her husband any more that night – he was like a big spoiled child throwing a tantrum – she herself went to sleep on the living room sofa.

Frank Junior awoke her in the morning, crying, “Look, Mama!  Nackles didn’t come, he didn’t come!”  And pointed to the presents she’d placed under the tree.

The other two children came down shortly after, and Susie and the youngsters sat on the floor and opened presents, enjoying themselves as much as possible, but still with restraint.  There were none of the usual squeals of childish pleasure; no one wanted Daddy to come storming downstairs in one of his rages.  So the children contented themselves with ear-to-ear smiles and whispered exclamations, and after a while Susie made breakfast, and the day carried along as pleasantly as could be expected under the circumstances.

It was a little after twelve that Susie began to worry about Frank’s non-appearance.  She braved herself to go up and knock on the locked door and call his name, but she got no answer, not even the expected snarl, so just around one o’clock she called me and I hurried on over.  I rapped smartly on the bedroom door, got no answer, and finally threatened to break the door in if Frank didn’t open up.  When I still got no answer, break the door in I did.

And Frank, of course, was gone.

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